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Does your windshield have a ...?

If your vehicle has any of these technologies or others, it will require a different windshield as well as a more technical installation. Luckily, our certified Auto Glass techs are trained in this area of expertise!

- Rain Sensor

These detect rain and turn on your wipers automatically using infared light.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.42.45 AM

- Heated Windshield

These are tiny wires in your windshield that heat up to melt ice, Range Rovers typically have these.

heated windshield

- Heads Up Display (HUD)

HUD is an image projected on the windshield of the car for the driver to see the cars instrument panel without looking down.



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I treat every vehicle as if it were my own

Cars has always been my passion. As independent collision shop owner I can guarantee that your vehicle will be repaired to pre-accident condition. I will stand by the fit, finish, and performance of our repair. Unlike the large franchise shops which only care about profits, I commit to quality repairs and customer satisfaction. At Matrix Auto Collision, I treat every vehicle as it’s my own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my vehicle has been involved in an accident?

If the police have been called to the scene make sure to acquire the incident report number. If there isn’t any police make sure to get the driver of the other vehicles information. Drivers license number, phone number, and insurance information (name of insurance company and policy number). Also make sure that the VIN# on the insurance matches the vehicle.

How do I file an Insurance Claim?

Many insurance companies have a toll free number listed on your proof of insurance. Call the number and a claims representative will assist you filing a claim. Or if you prefer Matrix Auto Collision can help you file the claim. Many of the insurance companies will require a police incident number if the police have been called to the scene. After filing a claim you will be provided a claim number. The claim number is very important to begin the repair process.

Where can I get my vehicle repaired?

Insurance companies tend to divert customers to their partner shops, which is very misleading. You can choose any shop of your choice to complete the repairs to you vehicle. Remember you own your vehicle not the insurance company. If you have a shop you prefer just let you insurance company know. Matrix Auto Collision works directly with your insurance company and make the repair process stress free.

If I choose a shop that the insurance company doesn't guarantee who's responsible for the quality of work performed?

Insurance companies will often say that they guarantee the work performed at their recommended shops. That information is not true! Each shop is responsible for the work that they perform on your vehicle. The Insurance companies try and drive customers towards their partner shop so that they can get repairs done at a discounted rate. Shop that perform work at discounted rate don’t tend to do the quality repairs. Matrix Auto Collision provides all customers with a lifetime written guarantee on the work performed.

What do I do about my Insurance Deductible?

If you decide to get your vehicle repaired at the recommended shop that your insurance company provides you will pay your whole deductible and any betterment that has been depreciated on parts. In many cases Matrix Auto Collision can waive your insurance deductible and betterment fees. Although there may be cases that the complete deductible cannot be waived but can be discounted (deductible restrictions apply, see shop  for details ). Matrix Auto Collision always tries to keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum.

What do I do about transportation while my vehicle is being repaired?

Matrix Auto Collision works directly with all the major car rental companies. We will make arrangement for your rental car to be waiting at the shop. You can drop off vehicle for repairs and a rental car will be here waiting for you. If you don’t have rental coverage on you insurance policy Matrix Auto Collision has negotiated a discounted rate for our customers with the rental car companies.

Will my vehicle be repaired properly?

Matrix Auto Collision stands behind all the repairs done at our facility. We have state of the art equipment and certified technicians. All of our repairs come with a lifetime guarantee. We will put your car back together with manufacture specifications and finish.

Where are we located?

We are located on 8 Mile Road in Detroit Michigan.

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